Redirect rules and page rules not working

The domain is registered at Network Solutions and using Cloudflare nameservers for DNS only. It has no A records. I have one page rule set up to redirect to and another redirect rule set up to do the same thing. Neither of these rules are working. At the moment the domain returns the error “Can’t find server” from various browsers. I don’t understand this… I would have thought the redirect would take precedence over anything else. I did try an A record pointing to the registrar but that did not have the desired effect. I feel like this is a very simple task that seems to be impossible for this domain for some reason… any help would be appreciated.

You need to have a DNS record for the domain you are redirecting from so the request resolves and goes to Cloudlfare.

Add a proxied dummy DNS record for @ as A or AAAA 100:: as you are only redirecting.


Thank you! That worked.


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