Redirect rules all gone?

Hi. I used to have a lot of redirect rules setup on my domain,.

I just logged in to add another one and noticed here are no redirect rules in place? Why is this? Did cloudflare change something so that they were all deleted?

I am the only one that has access to my account.

So confused. I had about 20 rules in place - and now it shows as me having 0 rules in place?


Thank you for asking.
I am sorry to hear about this :thinking:

May I ask if you’re using the same Web browser?
Have you tried using a different one?
How long have you had them configured / added?
Are you using some kind of a 3rd-party software or integration which could possibly manage or revert them back to the “defaults” like eZoic for example?

As far as Cloudflare Status Page doesn’t have those kind of issues listed under the incidents list, I am not aware of any :thinking:

Kindly, I’d suggest you to double-check the Audit Log menu from your Cloudflare Dashboard for further investigation about the event what happened as follows in the article from below.

Feel free to write back for feedback and help.

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Hey, ok so I just realised they are still there - they are in Page Rules!
Not under redirect rules!

Silly me.

But now I’m confused, what is the difference?

When setting up a 301 redirect, should I use a page rule (I only have 2 rules left) or a redirect rule (I have 25 left).

Page Rules are the old type, and they essentially do a lot of things within on rule.

The new Ruleset Engine has a lot of different types of rules (redirect, cache, origin etc.), which are all specialized in doing one thing.

There’s nothing wrong with using Page Rules, but as you noticed, you get a lot more of the newer rules. The syntax is also different from Page Rules, but there are some good examples on how to do redirects with the new rules.

Ok thank you!
I’ve got 2 more page rules so I will use them up and when they are all gone I’ll figure out how to put a 301 redirect in the redirect rules :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone.

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