Redirect rule to change zone on urls

Hi there,

I’ve got a bit of a weird setup. I’m using Webflow for my site and Webflow uses AWS with a custom CDN on there to store their images. Because of this the images aren’t cached and I can run any of the neat Cloudflare optimisations on it. So for example instead of an image sitting on my domain it sits on:


I’ve got the images running 'n a subdoaim with a CNAME setup so I can get them on my domain:


But now I have to redirect all URLs from to

As I don’t have control over the Website-Files domain I can just use a URL forward rule like:$1

Is there any way to forward or rewite or redirect all to

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m not a developer.

You don’t have control over website-files, right? You can’t create redirects on a domain you don’t own.

It sounds like website-files is some kind of CDN provider. Perhaps they have a feature that allows you to setup redirects?

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