Redirect Rule still active after deleting it

Hi, we were temporarily had a few redirect rules active during a campaign, now that it’s done I deleted all the rules. All the links are working like normal except for one, which still directs even though there are no rules anymore. It’s a Wordpress site, and it actually does work when I’m in WP admin mode but not on any other browser/device, which I know implies Caching is the issue but I’ve pruged that cache, turned on Developer Mode and everything and it still redirects. The Source URl is, and it’s redirecting to

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Did you use 301 or 302 redirects? 301 redirects are permanent and will be cached by visitors’ browsers, including your own.

It was 301 I believe as that is the default - but literally all the other rules were as well and they all went back to not redirecting. In addition, in incognito mode and in a fully cache cleared browser it still redirects.

Have you tested with curl to examine headers?
I like using `curl -Iiv myself.

Have you paused Cloudflare to see if the redirect is coming from the origin server?

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As unsatisfying as it is, despite me doing nothing different, it works now and doesn’t redirect. I guess sometimes the answer is just “wait”

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