Redirect rule seems to don't work

Hi! Can you please help me with configuring redirect rules?
I am trying to create a redirect rule that would redirect customers
from us.domain . com/en-ca/products/product-123
to ca.domain . com/products/product-123

But to keep us.domain . com still available for other visitors (to redirect only the US subdomain if URI is having /en-ca subfolder, but to keep other subfolders available, ie. us.domain . com/en-uk/products/product-123)

I probably made a mistake while trying to create a dynamic redirect rule.
Can you please inform me what needs to be a proper way to set it?

You are configuring an .ai domain here but want to set up a redirect for a .com domain. You have to do that under the respective domain, not a different one.

Sorry, the attached screenshot was just a reference, please see the correct screenshot

That entry is not proxied and with the current configuration you cannot proxy it either.

The page rule looks all right, but you should follow the archived content at Deprecated - Redirecting One Domain to Another in regards to DNS.

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