Redirect Rule not working, page rule is working - non www to www

I looked at all the recommended posts, none seemed to answer this.

I have the A @ and CNAME WWW pointed through cloudflare proxy. I have made sure I am routing through cloudflare, as you can see here.

Here is my attempt to redirect

The “begins with” just says https://domain

As I said in title, this does work from a page rule, but not from a redirect rule.

Any idea why?

http.request.uri as shown in the example below the input, is the /path/to/content?with=query, not

Try using http.request.full_uri which matches the hostname and path or to match only the hostname,

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I changed the incoming requests to full_uri starts with, and added .com to the concat command and of my domain. So the full inside the concat.

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