Redirect Rule does not work

I just purchased a domain on Cloudflare, let’s call this one

My “main” domain is hosted on another provider. There is my business website. Now i want to redirect all incoming requests from to
I created a redirect rule like this:

  1. create rule
  2. name rule “redirect-to-main”
  3. “all incoming traffic”
  4. type: static, URL:, status code: 301

That’s it. But the page won’t redirect at all. Open redirects to and i only get the “page not found” in Browser. Or should i do this with a record?


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

I’m afraid that you will not be able to get much in the way of useful assistance if you are are not willing to share the real domains.

Without that detail the only suggestion that I can offer is to make sure that your Cloudflare domain is set to :orange: Proxied. If the domain is :grey: DNS Only, your redirect rule cannot be applied.


Thiamin working. I created a A-record in the dns section which points to the ip of my main domain. After that, the redirect url works (even for subdomains).

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