Redirect root domain to Google Sites website

I want to be able to redirect my root domain to my Google Sites website but I am having troubles. If I redirect the root to the www subdomain, Google Sites will show “The requested URL / was not found on this server.” error. I don’t want to result to using as I don’t know how long they are going to stay around and how can I trust them? There has to be a way.

You need to configure your vanity domain with google sites.

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Can’t really configure much, Google Sites only uses the www subdomain and not the root itself so I am just figuring out how I can have the root redirect to the subdomain without experiencing the problems its giving me.

My previous reply contained a link with a step by step guide from google to add a domain to your site. Did you try that?

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I wouldn’t be here asking this question if I didn’t do that because I would’ve never seen the problem without having had set it up. The way Google Sites works is, it uses the www subdomain, not the whole domain. Thats where the problem is. I need to be able to make the root domain redirect to the www subdomain. I have a temporary fix for now but I was hoping Cloudflare had something for this because the Page Rules and Redirects only yield a Google error.

If you have already configured for your google site, then you can simply use a redirect rule in Cloudflare.
Login to Cloudflare → yourdomain → Rules → Redirect Rule

For example, if hostname equals, redirect to

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