Redirect root and www only - keeping subdomains

I have a new domain set up, but only has a presence so far on 1 subdomain.

I’d like to redirect everything else for the site - root, www. etc to a different domain.
Is there a simple way I can do this?
Thanks in advance.

You might need an addition dummy page rule to skip that one hostname you do not want to redirect.


Thanks for the response!

Not sure I get how the dummy rule would work though.


Just one dummy rule for that particular hostname and it has to be before your redirecting rule, otherwise it won’t fire.

Sorry to be a pain, but can’t see how to create a dummy rule.

Thanks again.

Just like any other rule, it should just contain some dummy settings so that that hostname does not fire your actual rule.

Thanks, but I really don’t understand.
I get adding a redirect rule for the rest of the domain, but what kind of rule am I creating for the dummy and what am I putting in there?
Would you be able to provide an example.
thanks once again.

What’s your domain and which hostname do you want to exclude?

Post screenshots of your page rules too.

Hi, I can’t post the name as it is corporately sensitive.

But for instance - and the host is

I have no page rules yet, just setting this one subdomain up.

Thanks again

Then you just need to follow the tutorial and set up one additional dummy page rule for that portal host and that’s it.

So you keep saying, but I have no idea what a dummy rule should look like.

What’s unclear about this?

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Thank you for that.

Appreciate the persistence.

Sorry for being so dense, been a long day.


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