Redirect problems

I wrote it incorrectly

So I take it your question is about hayattaolmazdeme and not about

That domain is currently redirecting all right.


This is a local issue. Try clearing your browser cache or another browser.

I will redirect to

Did you read what I just wrote?

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My English is not very good, I apologize. I tried to express myself using the sentence structure of my native language, which is why it might have confused you. Our language doesn’t follow English-like patterns, it’s a bit more flexible. This was my mistake, I’m sorry for the confusion.

No worries, but the domain in question does redirect to said other domain.

What it does not do, is redirect on “www”.

I would recommend to take a look at Redirecting One Domain to Another as that covers exactly that. Verify that you followed every item on that list and it should work with “www” as well.

In order to resolve this confusion, please forget what I wrote above and allow me to explain my issue to you again.

I will redirect to

And that’s what it does.

but, not working.

Sorry, but we are going in circles here and you do not seem to read the responses.

Redirect problems - #18 by sandro

I must have missed that, I apologize. It’s been a busy morning.

My friend, may I ask a new question?

Different issues should be in different threads.

No, my question is still related to redirection.

I have read a few more pages related to redirection, and I even watched a video that explains how to do it. I followed the examples step by step, but I still couldn’t succeed. This time, I will share another question with a different domain name, and I will include a screenshot. Can you help me with this? If you don’t want to help, I understand. These are not topics I am very familiar with.

Sorry, but you did not follow mentioned tutorial, otherwise the entries would be proxied, plus we even discussed this.

No offence, but as I said twice already, if you do not read the responses, it’s a bit difficult. Hence I would recommend going back to the start of the thread and reading everything attentively and following the provided tutorials.

I have already followed your instructions exactly, but I still cannot perform the redirection. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. Thank you anyway.

Then how come the entries are not proxied?

Friend, look, you don’t understand me. Besides, my English is not good at all. I read what you wrote and did what you said, but the main issue is that you didn’t understand what I said. I have created all the records, here is a screenshot.

Here is the redirection rule I wrote. If you want, I can send it to you as a video so you can follow along and let me know where I went wrong.

Everything looks exactly as you requested and I’m checking to see if I missed anything in terms of redirection, just like in other discussions. But everything appears to be as it should be.