Redirect problem

I have a couple of domains that I have redirected and one of them works fine, while the other keeps going to this site:

On my page rules at Cloudflare I have:
Forwarding URL 301 permanent redirect

I have another similar one for which is working perfectly. What can I do to see what’s going wrong here?

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this should say that the name is 301 permanent redirect forwarded to

Which domains are not redirected properly?

CF forwarding works if you use CF as your DNS.

Name the domains if you wish. That doesn’t need an external link.

I dont know how to type it here without it auto formatting it

The link that keeps getting redirected to that 404 is reapermerch dot com

You can click on the code icon </> to format your URLs withouth them becoming links or embeds.

All mentioned URLs are redirecting properly. Flush your browser cache and see if that solves the issue.

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Seems you are using a shortened address as redirection target and that is the cause of problem (use the actual address). Currently redirects to

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