Redirect page rules error

Redirect loops also occur if two conflicting Page Rules are configured with Forwarding URL settings. For example, one Page Rule redirects traffic for a.example .com to and another page rule redirects traffic for b.example .com to a.example .com.

Now my problem is that I have successfully redirect all post from mxnb .xyz to techzill .com/go/ now I would like to redirect from https:// techzill .com/?safelink_redirect= to maxnob .com/ without losing the page that follows

Example redirect mxnb .xyz/WpGx to techzill .com/go/WpGx successfully now since I am using a wp safelink plugin in other to tricks the page /WpGx to redirect from https:// techzill .com/go/WpGx#wpsafegenerate

To another page rules maxnob .com/WpGx without losing this page /WpGx because it’s same database to mxnb .xyz/WpGx but I always seeing this error https:// maxnob .com/Z%91%B1 instead of https:// maxnob .com/WpGx

Here is same site that successfully managed to do the redirect but I am always failed to do so please help.

Have you tried this way?

From: **


Status: 30X

This is actual way to do wildcard redirect when migrating over new domain.

Yes i have applied the method on first redirect and it WORKS perfectly but on second redirect it failed.

My problèm is i want to redirect page from to then redirect from domainb. com/about to domainc.c om/about without losing the page /about etc

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