Redirect other domain to existent one

I have a working domain “”. Everything is working ok.
Now I have bought my country specific domain “”, and have pointed the DNS nameservers to Cloudflare.
How do I configure things in order to make both domains work. They should point to same hosting.

I have tried with a page rule, but without success.


This tutorial shows how to do the redirect:

I do not understand why in the first step is pointing to a dummy IP.
I would like both domains to work normally.

I did the page rule and I have this right now:

This are the records

The rule

What is wrong with that? does not have DNS records. Please follow the instructions in the tutorial.

That’s something your host has to do. He has add your website to their hosting so that the domain works on same hosting.

I can not create a record only for When I try to add a record, only subdomain stuff is added.
See in the image:

I have the free plan.

You’re trying to add one domain’s DNS record to the other. That screenshot shows you’re in the DNS page for You need to +Add Site at for the domain.

Ah. I need the payed plan for that, and I do have the free plan only.

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