Redirect option for all subdomains

Kindly help me to configure a page rule that can be redirected to a single domain from all sub domains without creating a dns record for each sub domains.

I created page rule as,
Url Matches : **
Forwarding URL -> 301 Permanent redirect
Designation url :$1/$2

Also created DNS Record as,
Type : CNAME
Name : *
Content :
Proxy status : DNS Only (Not available proxied option)

As my requirement, I need to redirect all subdomains - * with a single DNS record as specified.

Kindly provide support on this.

Hi @akjdomains,

If you want to do this for every possible subdomain, you would need an Enterprise plan. I am not sure what the purpose of this is, but fr the page rule to work, there needs to be an :orange: DNS record for the subdomain. Your wildcard DNS record will not have the option to proxy it unless you have an Enterprise plan.

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