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Dear support.

In the process of optimizing my website, rank math plugin recommended that I get cloudflare. As soon as I registered the site. My homepage began to get the redirect error.

Please help me as it has been 5 days now. Note that other pages works fine.

Please treat as urgent.

What’s the domain?

It’s in an HTTPS redirect loop. Was your site working properly with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Yes it was…

Is your SSL/TLS setting here Full (Strict)?

i initially set as full, then tried flexible still not working. so i asked my host to set it up for me.

Just before they set it up my site was okay for 10 mins, I was so excited and now all links from that domain no longer works. Even Cpanel also no longer works, they all redirect. Before now I could log on to cpanel, wordpress and other pages were working fine, but Now all i get is redirect error.

Kind Regards

If your site worked with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare, you should use the Full (Strict) setting.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

It’s working now however, some links are broken,

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Cloudflare has been a very bad experience for me. Since I activated it I have been having issues,
First, I was getting redirect 301 error, fixed that
Next I had a lot of broken links,… fixed that
Next Elementor was stuck at loading… Disabled rocket loader then it worked
Now CSS and Images are not displaying for visitors, Only logged in used and known computers can see the site load correctly… This is so frustrating…

Searching everywhere no help…

I agree on Rocket Loader. It’s not that compatible with a few things, and really doesn’t buy me much performance increase, so I very rarely use it.

Your site behaves as if there are HTTP/S issues. I also see that you have NGINX server caching enabled. That may also be conflicting with Cloudflare’s cache. I suggest that you turn it off…for now.

I strongly suggest that you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the lower right corner of the Overview page. Then wait five minutes for that to take effect.

Go through your site and make sure that everything is configured to load over HTTPS.

Once your site loads perfectly with HTTPS, go back to the Cloudflare Dashboard: Make sure SSL/TLS is set to Full (Strict). Then Un-Pause Cloudflare from the Overview page.

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