Redirect Not working on my sites

I am facing a redirect error on my domains. I am redirecting few domains via cloudfare but they are not redirecting.

I am redirecting via page rule. But nothing happing.

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Do you create the necessary records for the hostnames that you want to redirect?

What results do you get for the names when you look them up?

If you are unfamiliar with performing a DNS looup on your PC, you can use a web tool like the one below.

I am using Cloudflare DNS and redirecting domain using page rules to another domain. But it’s not working.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your page rules?

here it is

You have cut off part of the screenshot leaving us unable to determine where you intend to redirect traffic.

You are redirecting to

Can you provide more detail about what is not working?

But it’s not redirecting to the codecuriosity com, it is redirecting me to godaddy on parked free page or on blank page.
Same issue with another domain here is the DNs and page rule ss

another on

It was redirecting to codecuriosity com when I replied earlier. It is now going to the GoDaddy parked domain page. Something seems to have changed.

Your apex name has no A or AAAA records. Your www alias is pointed to that missing hostname meaning that it won’t work either.

what name server should i add i am using as domain register

Only you can answer that question. It can be different for every domain. You need to look in the DNS app for the specific domain in your Cloudflare dashboard to see which nameservers are assigned.

can you share me steps please as I never use Cloudflare like this


Look for Change your nameservers in the following Community #tutorial.

check this one also not working

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