Redirect not working after change of domain registrar

Hi, I’m not sure why my redirect is not working. Any help is much appreciated.

I noticed today that Google is ranking my IP address rather than my domain name. I’m not sure why that is but I did switch from 123 Reg for my domain management to Google Domains. Cloudflare is still showing 123 Reg as my registrar for some reason in my dashboard. I assume I did something wrong during the transition. Anyhow I set up the redirect to fix this but its not working.

Cloudflare is never going to see that IP address. IP addresses go direct to the server it is assigned to.


Thank you. This issue was resolved by adding a canonical tag to the homepage. The issue is nothing to do with Cloudflare as pointed out in the comment above.

No it wasn’t. The site is still accessible directly via the IP address

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This issue is not yet resolved.

Is there anything obviously wrong here -

Again, nothing to do with Cloudflare as the server is returning the response directly.

You might find this helpful (includes a section Block other IP addresses (recommended))


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