Redirect non-www to www?


Hello! I’m new to this all internet web page stuff and it was only recently that I discovered that you can get free SSL. So I did just that and now my site as a nifty green lock icon that I like very much! I’m only using 000webhost for now because I’d like to keep my expenses on online stuff to a minimum since I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into nor do I have surety that my sight will take off well.

In anycase, I’ve encountered one problem. Whenever I would type ‘’ it would say that ‘This site can’t be reached. ‘’’s server DNS address could not be found.’ BUT when I type ‘’, it would go to my website without a problem!

I did some reading on this and apparently you can do some redirect from non-www to www but, as you may have guessed, this is something beyond me that I’d like to understand the workings of.

The changes that I’ve applied to my domain on cloudflare’s side is that I had this page rule:

And I had this enabled:

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or I should keep waiting for the changes to be applied but so far, nothing has happened since I changed those things. I have nothing changed on my domain provider other changing the whole DNS thing so that I could use cloudflare and similarly nothing 000webhost ever since I published my site. I suppose it is also noteworthy that I point out that I’m using a web builder thus have no access to all those fancy cpanel htpaccess stuff.

Oh man, I’m so sorry if I sound like an absolute dunce. I would appreciate any help! :smiley:


The problem is there are no A/AAAA/CNAME record for the root domain.

You can do a CNAME of to or directly to your web host.


Click on the DNS button in the top of your CF control panel. These are your DNS records. You should have a record for both and one for I’m no expert, but my DNS records show an A record for pointing to an IP address, and a CNAME record call WWW that is an alias that points to If you’re not comfortable making changes in the DNS record, you may want to ask CF for assistance.

Redirect Non-www to www Not Working