Redirect non-www to www Google Sites?

Ah missing was that needed not DNS only but CF Proxied

Ok works with concat Redirect Rule.

  1. Can i use just Page Rule also? Is it simpler? I just need to wait until it propagades?
  2. Can i use without* asterix star but just but so all would redirect to same main domain
  3. And in case of needing same structure recreating then with /* and /$1 ?


Yes, you can use a Page Rule, but not “also”. You need to chose either a Page Rule or a Redirect Rule. No need to wait, it should work instantly. If it doesn’t, check your other rules for conflicts. Place the canonical redirect rule above all other, because the order of rules matter.

No. Please follow the documentation:

I dont know what i messed up- not working not page rule seperate never was able to get working or bulk seperate on also not anymore
ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS if turning on page rule or turinig off
or error 522


Ah, i found by accident some article that for google site need not proxied but just DNS so testing that made this work. Is that correct? Cant work proxied?

I don’t know what’s the correct configuration for Google Sites, as I’m not familiar with it. Have you checked their documentation? You can also search this community for topics related to Google Sites and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of tips on how to set it up.

As far I I know Cloudflare does not proxy content served by external domains (except on Enterprise Plan), so I’m guessing that’s probably what was causing some of the errors you saw.

No, about Cloudflare- In Cloudflare need not proxied but dns? otherwise doesnt work.

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