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Hi - yesterday i registered a domain through Cloudflare. Right now i set up a page rule to redirect the domain to another domain which uses my server hosts as registrar. unfortunately the redirect dont work - the tut i followed says at the end "Traffic must pass through Cloudflare for Page Rules to work. If you only use Cloudflare for DNS, Page Rules are not active. " (

I dont get it - any explanation for it or do i miss domething else? THX

You have no DNS records for, so the request from the browser never hits Cloudflare for the page rule to fire.

Create two AAAA records, one of @ and another for www and set the value for both to be 100::. Set both to be :orange:.

The Page Rule URL to match should probably be ** to redirect all requests.


Do you have any DNS records, and if so, are they :orange: proxied?

You can add A records pointing to for records that are handled internally within Cloudflare.

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Thx - i will try. Can you pls edit the urls so nobody can guess it - i updated my image, my fault. thx

no - ill try what micheal said and let you know. thx a lot

The AAAA record idea is the same concept (solves the same problem, in the same way).

Let us know how it goes!


Exactly the same. But Iā€™m a nerd, and want to encourage IPv6 adoption!



Did the one from michael - works like a charm. Thx a lot to both!

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