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How can I have my naked domain at redirect to Can someone help me find the solution for this? I assume it is a 301 redirect, but I need guidance. Thank you!


Two options:

  1. page rule in Cloudflare, redirecting* to$1
  2. rule in the server (changes based on the server setup).

The 301 is permanent, usually cached by browsers and followed strictly by search engines, 302 isn’t.


Thank you!! Going to try the first one and see how it goes.


It doesn’t look like the 301 is working. The 2nd option of server side is not a option according to the host. Is there any way to see if I have something wrong? Does it take a while to work?
Here are the links:


You are not using Cloudflare’s proxy, the DNS record needs to be :orange: for it to work.


Thank you again for your help. I deleted that other record and I tried to create a new CNAME record and I receive this error. It does not let me do that. Does that make sense? What am I doing wrong?

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): This DNS record cannot be proxied - click the cloud icon to turn it gray to proceed (Code: 9041)


Replace the CNAME record for with an A record with an IP address of

This is a placeholder IP address that points to Google. When you :orange: it, the Page Rule will intercept the request and send it to your www. Really.

Make sure the page rule matches* (don’t put the https in front and it will match http and https) and redirect it to$1 (just as @Matteo said).


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