Redirect Naked domain google sites not working

I had a big problem using google sites could not redirect naked domain, even I added page rules 301 correctly using full, plus according to google sites suggestion I used DNS only option added a and aaaa records and CNAME to google and I sent in a request to get help on Cloudflare support and the guy told me that trying to add SSL certificate on google cloud engine which I followed and tried and Cloudflare certificate failed. Now, websites was not only Not working naked domain, but also add www front of my domain no longer working,it showed 404 error, and I spent lots of time and could not find a solution. I beg someone use google site on Cloudflare DNS expert help…Please help.

Hey! Can you give a specific example from what you are trying to perform?

Anyway, I have similar configuration (google sites), and I’m performing that with Page Rules without issues.

The pages rule only work for the proxied domains, but it should work if the domain/subdomain exists!

Make sure that:

You have a registered domain, and A record associated. Then configure the Google site, and perform the validation necessary. Then you can manage that at Cloudflare, and create the necessary Page Rules to redirect your domain to the Google Site.

Thanks for your tips and my page rules question got an answer, thanks again.

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