Redirect My Website To another domain URL

  1. how to redirect to
  2. how to redirect to

only change domain name example1 to example2

Are the domains and both, or just one of them, added to your Cloudflare account?

Moreover, you can achieve this using Cloudflare Page Rules - Forwarding URL:

More about it here:


sir i want path forwording. please tell me how to possible

Hi @sharma.utkarsh73,

The tutorial that @fritex linked to covers path forwarding in the example, using wildcards.

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i have no ip address and am not find ip address and i have only url so please help me

You don’t need an IP address. If you follow that tutorial, it just says that you need some DNS records on the domain you want to forward from, for the page rule to trigger. It even gives an example of a dummy IP you can use if you don’t have one.


can u send me tutorial. my website platform is blogger. so how to add DNS records. can you give me tutorial

Assuming the domain you want to redirect from is on Cloudflare, you add the records there not at Blogger. If it’s not, then you can’t use Cloudflare for the redirect in the first place. The tutorial you need has already been linked twice.


In blogger dashboard’s setting tab there is option for publishing where you can add your custom domains. Here is the nice post from google

Just adding your target domain as a “custom domain” will set up the redirect, even if that domain doesn’t point back to Blogger as the help page presumes it will.

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sir you are not understand me i want path forwording… not want this How to Redirect Blogger Custom Domain using Cloudflare

And that’s exactly what the article posted twice already by @fritex and @domjh does.

What’s not clear about these instructions?


Sorry, but it seems very much the other way round.

People told you four or five times now how to achieve that but you seem to completely ignore that. Really not sure what this is about.

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see pic …what i want