Redirect my ip to my server and the web

  • Hello! Currently I have my DNS configured to redirect to my minecraft server (SRV = _minecraft) but I would like that same domain to work for my web in the search engine.
  • I have seen that they do it but I did not find any tutorial, I currently have the domain “” and it is the one I would like to use in both cases.
    Would someone help me set it up?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

Please help me

Not many people are familiar with an SRV setup for Minecraft. I’ve never set up a Minecraft server.

But from what I know about Minecraft…You need Minecraft running on a subdomain, like (set to :grey: in Cloudflare DNS), and then a SRV record for that points to

Have you read any tutorials on how to set up SRV records for Minecraft?

  • Hello, thanks for answering! The configuration in the game works correctly, my players already use it, the problem is that by placing the link in the search engine this takes me to the web hosting, I would like to take me to my website.
  • I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it on many servers of this type, and if that link redirects to the web of my hosting, I guess there is a way to change it.
  • I will leave you my configuration dns.

As I said, I’ve not set up a Minecraft server, but is that IP address a Minecraft server, and not a website host? Does that Minecraft Server also host websites under your same account?

And…is that the IP address of your website?

That ip is that of my minecraft server, I just configured that, apparently, for reasons that I do not understand the ip of my server redirects to the web hosting (which I want to change)

Again, I don’t use this type of setup, but it appears you’ve locked yourself into using the Minecraft server for your website. Since your SRV record points to your root domain, and your root domain points to a Minecraft server, that’s where you’d have to have your website.

If you want to host your website somewhere else, you’d have to change that SRV record to point to a subdomain, like, and an A record for ‘mc’ for that minecraft server.

Then change the A record for your root domain to be where your website is.

I’m really hoping someone with Minecraft server experience can join this conversation.

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Okay thanks sdayman, I’ll see what I can do and notice

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