Redirect my domain to my own pc ip

Hello everyone. First time using Cloudflare. My domain is showing the Web Station page as shown in the image. What should I do to point to the IP address of my personal pc?

You seem to have configured it already for your NAS device, however you will have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and hence no security.

Pause Cloudflare and make sure that everything loads the way it should on HTTPS. If something is unclear reach out to StackExchange or Reddit for more details on your network configuration.

Once everything loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare and it should work on Cloudflare as well.

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I appreciate your response. I’ve disabled Cloudflare but I can’t verify access to my site because my country’s isp provider doesn’t have ports for http and https open. How can I solve?

At first, my domain pointed to my pc’s ip but a few days later, a page related to web station appeared, as shown in the image. What should I do to make the domain point to my public ip again?

Because that’s where an A record is pointing to

$ dig		348	IN	A

If the IP is incorrect, change it to the correct IP.

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As I wrote

If these ports are blocked, it can’t work on Cloudflare either, but again, that’s something you need to clarify on Reddit.

And you should also make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict, otherwise you have no encryption.

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