Redirect multiple domains to one

I have 4 of the same domain with different extensions. I want 3 of them to forward to the main .com address. I think there’s an option to do this with my registrar but wanted to know if Cloudflare can also do this if I link all 4 site to it?


You would need to add all 3 domains to Cloudflare, then for each domain name…

Create a dummy proxied DNS record pointing to A or AAAA 100:: for @ (and maybe www) so the domain resolves.

Then add a redirect rule…
…copying this example…

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Thank you - presume this would be the recommended method over redirecting at registrar level then onto Cloudflare from the main .com address ?

If it’s just a redirect you want, you can choose either. If you maybe want to have the ability to add other protections/filtering before the redirect, or have something more dynamic (so different TLDs can later redirect to different pages on the main site), then Cloudflare will give you that option.

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this seems to work well. thank you. i did noticed that i got in a redirect loop when adding a the rule and not changing the dns to a null IP. Trying to get my head around that. Anyway, set 3 domains to redirect and all working, thanks

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