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Quand j’essaye de mettre mon domaine pour la redirection sur mobile il y a ce message d’erreur:
Invalid subdomain. Cannot be the root, www, or wildcard record (Code: 1018)

quelqu’un peut il m’ader ? La plupart de mon audience vient du mobile.

This setting is not necessary most of the time.

None of the subdomains in that list look like they are for mobile. Do you have a special subdomain just for mobile users?

Non et le problème est que j’en ai besoin pour augmenter mon page speed sur mobile car 98 pourcent de mon audience vient du mobile

J’ai un site d’actualité et cela m’est primordial

You will need to follow the guidance provided by that test:

Je le sais bien d’ou l’intégration de cloudflare à mon site pouvez vous me dire comment créer un sous domaine pour le mobile afin de pouvoir utiliser le redirect mobile

I’m afraid that is beyond the scope of Cloudflare. That would be a separate version of your site optimized for Mobile. I suggest you contact a web developer to assist you in creating a mobile-friendly version of your site.

dans tout ça il y a pas de sous domaine pour la redirection mobile?

No. Again, you need to create a mobile website, or pay someone who can.

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May I ask do you use eZoic? - I assume by the cdn-0 to cdn-7 CNAME records.

I am afraid any Cloudflare cache settings will be bypassed and your page speed testing results would be worse regarding it, if so.

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Right now, the site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare. I was on mobile earlier and couldn’t check. Since it’s not proxied, I can’t tell if it’s using Ezoic or not.

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