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We are having a problem with our site. It needs to be redirected to our mobile site to at its new address. It works fine on a desktop. If I look for it on a mobile device, and type in the new site address, it works fine. However, if I type in the former address on a mobile device, I get it sent to the old site where the host has gone out of business (

I have tried switching to A records to CNAME records and nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

What configuration are you using for your mobile redirect? Are you using the Cloudflare native mobile redirect feature or something different?

We are using the Cloudflare redirect with an A record going to the IP address. This is a Homestead web sight, so the original Homestead DNS records still exist, but the DNS was switched to Cloudflare probably 5 years ago or more.

The A record is proxied, right?

It’s a bit diffficult for me to grasp what’s going on here with the information that’s available unfortunately, I would have to look at the configuration (through a screenshot or similar) to understand what might be tripping it up.

The m record is proxied. I attach a screenshot of the settlings.

What’s the domain name of your old website that’s being redirected?

Some vendors, such as Shopify, use SSL for SaaS which lets them use Cloudflare for your domains without you needing a Cloudflare account yourself - where you just point a CNAME to them and it’ll do the rest.

However, there is a caveat that if you try and setup your own Cloudflare account or settings for that domain (or subdomain) then they maintain control - so anything you change doesn’t impact that.

I can’t say for certain that the host you used to use was using SSL for SaaS, but if you’re confident everything is setup correctly in Cloudflare, that’s the likely culprit.

Let us know the domain name and we can investigate a bit further to get a more certain answer.

The web page that is’nt working is The redirect is to

So in this case, should redirect to but instead it stays on

On a mobile, it is and that fail. They go to They should be going to

I can replicate that by spoofing the User-Agent to be an iPhone.

Do you have Mobile Redirect enabled in the dashboard?

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Yes it is. Should I turn it off?

Give it a try - it’s the only thing I can think of that’d exclusively cause ‘issues’ on mobile traffic.

Ha!! You got it. Thanks so much.

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Glad it worked!

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