Redirect Management with Workers

Hi community!

I need some feedback on a tool I hacked together this weekend.


What it does/how it works:

  • It gives you a rule management interface where you can configure redirects based on any request parameter.
  • Once redirect rules are created, and you hit ‘Preview Worker’, it bundles the rules together with a prebuilt/minified worker that matches rules with a rule engine.
  • Previewing the worker will open the Workers playground where you can test and preview your new worker.
  • If you are satisfied with the results, you can deploy it to a domain (read disclaimer below)

The goal is basically to provide a tool that gives more flexibility compared to what Page Rules currently offers.

Under the hood it uses json-rules-engine, which I found to be a very powerful way of routing incoming requests. I am planning to make the source available as boilerplate for new projects.

Any feedback appreciated!

Disclaimer: be cautious when you decide to use this. It is still in beta! Only deploy generated workers in test environments


Great idea, thanks a lot for sharing!

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Just wrote my own version of this, but mine works only like some sort of short url service (it was all I needed).

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Well done. :+1:
Use status codes and terminology by

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This is absolutely. mind blowingly. incredible. INCREDIBLE! Thank you @martin2!

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Can you post that @Matteo? URL shortening interests me from time to time, but I don’t like the self-hosted solutions I’ve seen.

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Thanks for the feedback and mentions! Very much appreciated.

I added the possibility to add a 308, and changed the terminology as stated in the RFC.

Highest priority on the roadmap right now is persistence (import/export of rules).

There you go!

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