Redirect loops on Wordpress CloudFlare

Hi, i’m getting redirect (too many requests) only on mobile devices on my website: Https:// when using the Cloudflare CDN via a third-party provider. Curious if i’m the only one?

The website URL is:

Probably caused by attempting to load HTTP content over HTTPS (flexible). What SSL mode do you have?

I’ve turned on SSL Type: Full.

I see, this issue typically comes when people use flexible mode. In this case, I can only think that the software redirects HTTPS traffic to HTTP, and then HTTPS rewrites redirect the HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

I advise checking your software settings as that’s where the issue is.

Should be Full Strict, otherwise you still have an insecure site.


Thank you! I’ve changed to Full Strict, still the same behaviour… Is there a way to troubleshoot on mobile devices you think?

I see you’re using Ezoic. Their settings are often tricky and don’t always work. Have you asked them about this?

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