Redirect Loops and Redirect Chains

I keep getting Redirect Chains on website - can anyone shed any light on this?

We tried switching the SSL setting in Cloudflare from Flexible to Full, since there’s an SSL certificate installed on the GoDaddy server, but that didn’t work.

There are also no Page Rules at the moment as well.

Try out to switch to the Full (Strict) SSL option.

This option can cause exactly the issue you were describing, like redirect loops and mixed content errors.

A great way to re-check which kind of SSL options should we select at Cloudflare, kindly follow this article:

Some more SSL options available to us at Cloudflare, here:

@ahtisham.hussain I don’t see any issue with redirects. If you do, can you try to clear cache, try incognito, try a different browser, or mobile network to see if it’s still happening for you?

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