Redirect Loop, which I cannot replicate! Where to look for errors?

I’m a little confused because in recent weeks I twice received notifications from readers (on Facebook) that they could not access a particular blog post due to too many redirects. This only seems to happen on mobile devices = more baffling!

The last contact from readers was on Monday, after I shared the link to my latest post in a FB group!


Since then, I have tried my best to find out what could be causing this. Conflicting htaccess rules? Although I never had any issues before I activated CloudFlare I checked my htaccess again; I can’t find any irregularities.

My suspicion is that this error is directly related to me activating CloudFlare, because it only seems to happen since. I then read on the support section here the article Troubleshooting redirect loop errors - but didn’t find a solution either (other than installing yet another plugin, which I don’t really want to.) From what I understand my page rules are okay:

So where else could I search for a reason? Or better: is there ANYWHERE an error log, which can give me a clue as to what needs repairing?

I’m at a loss, especially since I cannot replicate the error. The redirect loop seems to happen randomly! It has never happened to me or anybody in our family or circle of friends…

For starters, what is your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

My encryption/SSL is set to 'Full’

I had wanted to attach more screen capture, but as a new user I wasn’t allowed to…

I’d change that to “Full strict” as you seem to have a valid certificate anyhow, and that would be more secure.

However that is unlikely to fix the issue you mentioned. Do you have any page rules configured on Cloudflare or are you doing anything with workers?

The rules was one of the other images I had planned to attacH - here they are:

Rule #1 would redirect but you could actually do this via the global setting instead. You dont need a page rule for this.

I cannot reproduce it either. Is it only for links via Facebook? Can you post a link to that posting?

No ‘Workers’ (I’m not smart enough for them - or not enough of a tech…)

In that case it would rather seem unlikely to be Cloudflare. Possibly some setting on your server.

Since it’s a closed Group I don’t know if you can open the link. Give it a try:

Can open it from there as well. At this point I’d rather think this is some local issue on their side. Virus scanner maybe.

But then WHAT can I do about this?
I don’t want to lose the traffic either.
If I had 3 people report to me, how many would NOT report it? Must be in the hundreds…

If it is a local issue there probably is not much you can do. They’d need to tell you exactly what is happening on their side. Without being able to reproduce it, it is close to impossible to fix anything.

I have in the meantime contacted my host - but no clear-cut solution either…
Still in the 'dark.

Of course there is not enough information to make a definitive statement, but I somewhat doubt that is something your host could fix either. So far it seems like an issue on their end, but of course you’d need to debug this with them.

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