Redirect loop errors

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Periodically I have a problem with redirect loop errors. I checked all the settings from your document and I also have everything configured.
My question is: what can you recommend to solve this problem?

Troubleshooting redirect loop errors’.

Thank you in advance.

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We would need to see the error and headers from your site to troubleshoot this.


Thank you for your reply.

Problem description: failed to process the document
HTTP code: 301

User sees this message:
Safary cannot open the page due to a large number of redirects.

It is important to add that after clearing the cache 'Purge Everything" in Cloudflare, the site will be available again.

That’s interesting that purging the cache fixes this, as pages aren’t cached by default at Cloudflare.

Can you post the URL?

Yes, the error can fixed when manually clearing the cache in Cloudflare.

I don’t have a problem right now after cliarning cache, but I can show you a screenshot. I don’t know how much this will help you.

Regarding the 301 code, this is sent to me by my Webmaster. Cloudflare does not send any warnings when this error occurs.

The URL of my working website?

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