Redirect Loop after switched to CloudFlare

After switching to CloudFlare nameservers my site was working fine for a few hours and then I got a redirect loop. I switched back to my host’s nameservers and the site is up again.

SSL/TLS option on CF was turned off because I have Let’s Encrypt setup with my hosting provider so I felt like having it “ON” would create an issue of double encryption or something. But it looks like turning it off might have been the reason why it was looping likely between http and https.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m seriously hesitant to ever use CF again. But I am wondering if there is a way to use CloudFlare so that it doesn’t interfere with Let’s Encrypt? And if I setup SSL/TLS to Full, should I expect no issues considering that my hosting has the same setup?

Your SSL mode was set to flexible, am I right? Flexble SSL will show a valid HTTPS connection to the user but changes from 443 to 80 (HTTP) between Cloudflare and your origin. If your server is configured to always redirect traffic to HTTPS it will lead to a redirect loop.

Since you have a valid certificate on your server, use Full (Strict) and you should be fine.

No, it was set to “OFF”. Which I thought would basically mean that CF would not touch the SSL at all.

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