Redirect Loop Admin Dashboard Unsolvable

Whats up.

I have the redirect loop error on my admin dashboard, due to deactivating a plugin “Cloudlfare Redirect Loop Fix” or something along those lines.

I have tried:

  • switching to full / strict / off

-disabling force redirect to HTTPS

-pausing cloudlfare

-clearing all cookies

  • refreshibng / editing my .htaccess file

-defining my sitename as http through wp-config.php

-creating a mu-plugins folder and uploading the plugin in said folder

-editing my wp-options.php table “active_plugins” to include said plugin.

Literally nothing is working and I need to make edits to my website. This whole problem happened because I was trying to leave cloudflare and get SSL from my host.

Can I just change my nameservers back to my domain providers nameservers??? Will this essentially cut off cloudflare completely and not have this redirect problem?

I have spent a stupid amount of time on this, just need to edit this website.


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