Redirect Issue (www vs without www)

I have this rule

Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

This url redirects

This url (with the www.) does NOT redirect

any ideas would be helpful

Are you sure this is not the other way around?

* will apply to but not To make both redirect you need to remove the period after the asterisk *, like:

I updated the rule as mentioned, but didn’t see any change.


The issue is as I described (www. doesn’t work abut it works without the www)

I made a short video documenting the issue


Both www and non-www are now redirecting for me. It may be that your browser is caching the response. Try clearing your browser cache and check again (if you don’t know how there are lots of tutorials online, it’s very much specific to your browser).

Oh actually, never mind.

I’m getting a redirect on no www, but I’m getting an error on www from Shopify.

By chance, have you recently transferred away from Shopify?

we actually use shopify That tells me that the www. version is being bypassed by rule number 1.

EVERYTHING else for is handled by rule number 2


This has been resolved.

I removed the cname for www and created an A record that pointed to the same IP and the redirects started working

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