Redirect issue- please help!

Hi all-

My subdomains are not redirecting appropriately. I want all subdomains of to redirect to I’m getting a 404 error every time I type in a subdomain for (for example, sends me to a 404 page rather than

Also, I’m not sure that my root redirect from is appropriately redirecting to either. It is working on my computer, but not on others (I’m not sure if there’s a problem or just needs more time to propagate? It’s been about 8 hours).

Would love any help I can get!

Here are the rules I have in place:

That domain isn’t using Cloudflare name servers, and is not proxied by Cloudflare:

% dig +short NS

% host is an alias for has address has address
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@sdayman thank you for taking a look.

First, please forgive me in advance because I am a novice.

This domain was originally connected to Kajabi (a learning management system) and ran through their cloudflare account. I have since disconnected the domain from the Kajabi, and it is showing active in my own cloudflare account. The domain host is GoDaddy.

Is there something else I need to do to fix this? I’m at a loss.

@sdayman I take that back - I understand what you mean now. I need to godaddy and change the nameservers to the cloudflare servers. I’m doing that now and will report back!


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