Redirect is broken at Cloudflare and does this need to be fixed

functionality to redirect to xyz .com not working , I don’t know what is wrong right now with Cloudflare.

What is the real domain name you are trying to redirect from and to?

[edit] Probably this one…

The connection to an “origin” times out so likely you have a proxied dummy A/AAAA record, but the redirect isn’t set up properly. Can you show a screenshot of your DNS settings and hwo you are doing the redirect in page rules or redirect rules?

Here is the DNS setting @sjr

Your A and AAAA records point to 2 different hosts, and they are no use anyway if you are trying to redirect for the whole domain.

Do you want to redirect both and to (So you have no pages to show for the .nl domain and you just want to redirect to .com?)

If so I suggest deleting the A and AAAA records and just create two dummy AAAA records:
AAAA @ 100::
AAAA www 100::

Then you need to set up your redirect. You didn’t show a screenshot of what you have there. Have you set any page rules or redirect rules to do the redirect?

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