Redirect in Worker from ** not using ?param=* in URL

In the function redirect, I have

const path = url.pathname
const redirectURL = serverLocation + FQDN
const destinationURL = protocol + "//" + redirectURL + path
console.log('redirecting to '+destinationURL)
return Response.redirect(destinationURL, 301)

From the logs I found the following

    [ {
        "message": [ "redirecting to https://cdn.domainname/article.php" ], "
        level": "log",
 "event": {
    "request": {
        "url": "https://domainname/article.php?storyid=123456",
        "method": "GET",

As seen in the event.request.url, the URL had article.php?storyid=123456. After the redirect was executed in Worker, as seen in the message, the partial url.pathname got lost.

It appears that I have to modify in the Router, which is now star star, to something else. Any suggestions to modify the Regex in to capture and use it for redirect?

This is correct behaviour. pathname does not include query params, it is simply the path.
The search property is what you want - - Web APIs | MDN

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Hi Walshy,

Thanks. Thats the answer. I got it. :heart_eyes:

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