Redirect from www to non www. How to stop to increase site load speed?

I’m looking at my site’s waterfall and notice it takes a few seconds to redirect from www.mysite to (no www) mysite. Is there a way to not redirect so I increase site speed as well as utilize the advantages of www?

If you type in the canonical URL, then you won’t redirect. Search engines should know what your canonical URL is.

If you want to speed up the redirect, then use a page rule.

I have done so but now receive a redirect loop.

Then your configuration is not consistent with the canonical URL.

I’m sorry. I dont believe I follow. Can you explain?

It sounds like there’s a configuration conflict for what canonical URL you want for your site: www or not www. Pick one and make sure your website is completely configured to use just that one. Then create a page rule here that redirects the unwanted format to your canonical URL.

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Great. I think I got it to work now. Thank you very much!

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