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We use Intercom for our FAQs. I am trying to create a redirect to provide a much shorter, consistent URL to a particular FAQ article. I have followed instructions in various forum posts here and from general searching, but the setup is not working. The current result is redirecting to a page that does not exist.

We currently have the CNAME as follows to point our help site to the Intercom FAQs site:

The current applicable Cloudflare Page Rules are as follows, with most specific first based on recommendations:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a bit of a loss on what’s wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Try removing the leading http:// text, it might be trying to only match non-https links. Removing it will have it match both http and https.

Thanks for the suggestion. Changed the URL match to *

No luck, though. Still the same result.

Ok I see, the site is going directly to intercom.

$ dig +short

But it’s supposed to be proxied… This is odd. Maybe intercom asked Cloudflare to disable proxying for them.

I’d recommend contacting Cloudflare support (if you receive an automated response, reply back with “this did not solve my issue”) and let us know the outcome.

Thanks for your help, and especially for including that bit showing how you debugged the routing as I’m super weak in that area.

I will reach out to support and update later.

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