Redirect from root domain not working

Whether via a Bulk Redirect, or a Page Rule, nothing I do will allow the root of my domain to properly redirect. Subdomains will redirect, but the root domain always fails to redirect and returns a page served by Cloudflare stating: “There was a problem loading this website”.

All DNS entries to be redirected have proxy enabled in DNS settings and are pointed to an unused IP.

The behavior is identical whether I use bulk redirects with a redirect list, or a page rule with wildcards. In every case, subdomains will redirect, but the root domain will not.

Redirect list:

Bulk redirects enabled for this list:

Alternative approach, page rule for redirects:

All of these approaches result in www redirecting, but none of them result in the root domain redirecting.

Does the error page look like this?

If so, try Liberate The Hostname as mentioned in this Tutorial.


That was the issue, thanks!

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