Redirect for secure connection to unsecure?

is there any chance to redirect the Secure website to unsecure connection I mean that can i Disabled the SSL for few days, after few days it has an option to again enable the SSL, without doing any change with CNAME, or DNS at cloud flare account?

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May I ask why would you do it?

In short - yes, it is possible, but I do not recommend it for always use, it’s 2021.

You can switch from :orange: cloud temporarly to :grey: cloud for your DNS hostname at Cloudflare dashboard. Theerefore, your requests will go directly to your host/origin.

  • depending if you have an SSL certificate there or not, the connection would be either secure or unsecure

I am afraid not if your domain is being proxied via Cloudflare.

Later on, I am afraid you will need a SSL certificate on your server first if you want to redirect HTTPS to HTTP.

Furthermore, your Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings should have “Always Use HTTPS”, “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” and HSTS turned off.
If you had HSTS Preload enabled, your visitors will be stuck on HTTPS until the HSTS Max-Age expires.

You could also try with creating a Page Rule.

If you want only HTTP website, then in SSL tab/settings page, select “Off” for SSL mode too.

You can disable in environment variables the reject TLS, I believe;

this in our case bypasses any rejections in auth for a node server but not recommended unless you know what you’re doing but fully possible to reject authentication or maybe if on IP connected, reject eneable for unauthorized. This may differ with server/language front.

If it helps I run a configuration file myself for when I openly develop to go based off my local IPs, instead of my public facing, but if developer mode is off, we enforce verifying.

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