Redirect for Best SEO?

My site is It’s hosted at Heroku. I have a CNAME record for www and the naked domain. CNAME flattening is applied to the naked domain.

I’m running my site through some SEO checkers, and they’re complaining that both www and naked URLs return 200. It wants one of them to 301 to the other to avoid indexing duplicate content.

I added a meta tag in all pages like this, hoping it would silence the complaint, but it doesn’t.

<link href=“” rel=“canonical”>

For the best SEO do I need to have the www domain redirecting to the naked domain? Or is the meta tag sufficient, and the SEO checker is not smart enough?

I hope this question makes sense. I’m not to savvy on SEO. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Interesting. :thinking:
Others complained about 301 or were unsure if this has a negative effect to their SEO rankings.

I am not a SEO expert. But to achieve a 301 you can try a page rule.

I’d set up a Page Rule to send one to the other, as @MarkMeyer just mentioned.

Match:* and Redirect (301) to$1 (the $1 means to copy the original path and redirect to the naked domain with the same path.

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Thanks. Did it and the complaint went away.


You can use this tool for checking that you have the 301 properly:

Looks fine, dont worry

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