Redirect for a subdomain


Current I have a DNS record (not proxied through Cloudflare) called (Domain A).
We are no longer using the feature on that subdomain so I have added a rule in the service to redirect to (Domain B).
Now, as a next step, we wanna shutdown the machine and do the redirection on Cloudflare instead.
I’ve looked at Cloudflare doc for how to create a forwarding rule. It seems like if we don’t proxy the subdomain through cloudflare, the forwarding rule won’t be in effect.
Additionally, I would like to remove the Domain A as well.

So I would like to know how to achieve the redirection.
Should I use the Page Rules ? If so, how do I do that ?
Or should I just point Domain A to the Domain B DNS ?


Why wouldn’t you proxy the subdomain through Cloudflare? If you’re taking it offline, then you can proxy it so the Page Rule will forward traffic to the new site.

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