Redirect for A/B test

I am setting up an A/B test but redirects not working.

Each domain will redirect friendly urls example: then redirects to the associated landing page, ex.

How would I accomplish this with my A/B test retaining the redirect to the landing page?

Assistance greatly appreciated.

Can you provide more clear example? My understanding of A/B testing is to measure click rates between two or more different content, although user has to click something to measure click rate and I don’t get “redirect” part.

Our goal is to split a percentage of traffic for while our site undergoes a redesign. A percentage of users will view the new experience while the remaining will view the old.

For the redirect part. Our marketing team uses “friendly” urls for brochures, tv ads, etc that redirect to a specific landing page that use cookies for tracking purposes.

Example friendly url:

redirect to :

Hope that makes more sense.