Redirect errors SSL cert issue

Haven’t touched any Cloudflare settings but my host says that the SSL cert is no longer installed or some such, and the site won’t load due to redirect errors.

I have Cloudflare set to FULL encryption mode, and always use Https. I suspect that some redirect rules within .htaccess are conflicting, but I haven’t touched anything and the site was loading fine just some days ago.

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I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare (bottom right), check if the site loads fine on HTTPS and talk to the host, if it does not. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

Also, change your encryption mode to Full Strict, otherwise it is insecure.

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I have always had it set on Full (not Full Strict) for all my websites across different Cloudflare accounts, and in fact my host wanted to make sure that it was set on Full.

Anyway, I toggled Cloudflare off and then the site started loading but redirecting to a completely different website of mine on the same VP server.

I believe the issue has something to do with conflicting or overlapping .htaccess rules, or to do with a mis-installed SSL cert. The host has been working on it for two days now to bo avail.

I am afraid your host gave you bad advice and made sure your site is insecure. It should be Full Strict, otherwise you have no proper encryption.

If your site is not loading in general, then that’s a host issue.
Talk to your host about that and make sure the encryption mode is Full Strict.

I believe the host is right about using FULL only because I am using a free Cloudflare plan, with the free SSL that is auto installed by Cloudflare.

Once you start using Cloudflare, your cpanel plan stops giving you its own free SSL cert is the way I understand it.

Given that I have only the free SSL from the free Cloudflare plan, my only choice as far as I know, is the FULL setting.

The host is still working on the issue, which is very strange because when I enter the site as such
it redirects to
and loads a completely different site of mine on the same server.

when I enter the site as such
it redirects to
and never loads, gets all the redirect errors.

No, your host is wrong and does not secure your site. You best get a host who actually knows what they are doing.

But you said your site did not work either when Cloudflare is paused. That’s something for your host to fix then.

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Host says that the SSL common name is set incorrectly at Cloudflare’s end. How do I resolve this?

To repeat what @sandro said, your host is wrong.

Checking one of my site’s Cloudflare edge certificates shows the common name (CN) is listed as That obviously is not my site’s name, but my site works just fine because the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) contains both my apex domain ( and a wildcard (* in addition to I am certain that yours will have the correct names in the SAN field, too.

Either get a better host, or learn to ignore their bad advice.

The host and I agreed that is not the issue. Anyway so far we have it as follows, when I input my domain name with Cloudflare paused, it works fine other than that we have to get the force redirect to www only working again. When I turn Cloudflare on, it works with the www absent, but with the www there it gives the redirect error and will not load.

We did have to reinstall a new SSL cert though just to get to the above point.

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I’m glad they recognized that.

Do you have access to the web sever logs, at least for your site? That’s where I would be looking to find the redirect error.

Well, as mentioned before this is a host issue and only your host can help you here, though your host obviously does not know what they are doing, so it’s best you switch to another host.

Anyhow, that’s a topic beyond the scope of Cloudflare and you need to discuss this with your host. But again, you have an insecure site and need to switch to Full Strict.