Redirect-error when setting DNS-entries

Hello Community,

i´ve purchased the Server-Shield and tried to activate with a Test-Domain.
But it didnt´t work…

The DNS-Zone is not hosted at the Plesk-Server. Its extern managed.
But when I log in to Cloudflare, under DNS stands (hosted on plesk)…

Please have a look, whats my Error:
I added the following DNS-Entries:
And if I dig them, they seem to be ok.
The Server now shows an Errorpage:
(I took the 3 screens in one graphic, because there is only 1 Upload allowed for new Users)

What did I wrong? Can you please help me with that?

Many thanks for your help

You seem to be signed up via a Cloudflare partner (presumably your host), so your best point of contact would be your host.

But judging from your error message you probably have a wrong SSL configuration. Make sure it is set to “Full strict” and that you have a valid certificate on your server.

It would appear as if you had a valid certificate configured, so switching to “Full strict” should fix that.

Hello sandro, thanks for your reply.
“Full strict” ??
How can I check that? I use lets encrypt-certs on the Server.

Under “Crypto” you most likely have selected “Flexible”, change that to “Full strict”.

Great !! It works.
Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:

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