Redirect domain using ONLY DNS records?

Is it possible to make the landing page always start with https://www.[domainname] using ONLY DNS records WITHOUT a Page Rule in Cloudflare? (Like a URI record)?
I’ve done a lot of research but can’t seem to find the definite answer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The basic question is do you want to proxy your site through Cloudflare or not (:orange: vs :grey:)

Yes, if you configure it at your host/origin server. Depending either on the Web server (Apache - using htaccess file, or Nginx - using vhost file, or some other) or your web application routing.
Moreover, for HTTPS you would also need an SSL certificate installed at your host/origin which should cover your main domain and sub-domain(s) like www.

Using the :grey: cloud (DNS only) for a the hostname (DNS record) meaning requests made to your domain would go straight to your server and any of the available options of the settings enabled at Cloudflare (like Always use HTTPS, Automatic HTTPS redirection, etc. including mentioned Page Rules) would not work for :grey: (DNS only) records.

Otherwise, you would use Cloudflare and switch to :orange: cloud for the desired DNS records for your domain.

You should enable Cloudflare for any subdomain that gets web traffic. You should not enable Cloudflare for subdomains that handle non-web traffic, such as mail, ftp, and ssh. These types of records should be marked by a grey :grey: cloud.

Kindly, may I ask then why would you use a Cloudflare at first sight for your domain if not being :orange: (proxied via Cloudflare)?

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Thanks very much for your fast reply, I really appreciate it!

I need to use grey cloud in this situation since the client is already using CloudFlare for hosting, yet I am using it for DNS records only to point to their hosting, which I don’t have access to so I was wondering what kind of DNS-only options were available as the domain manager only, for example like use a URI record or wild card somehow on an A record.

I realise the answer is probably then to ask the client to do the fix on their end, but was hoping I could fix on my end somehow since it would be hugely easier at the moment.

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I am so sorry to hear that you do not have access to it and have it done “as it should be” great for both parties and end-users, but as you mentioned, the only way as for now it is going with that kind of a solution.

Hopefully, you would be able to fix it by going this or some another way around to find a solution :wink:

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I really have appreciated your help and responsiveness thank you!

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