Redirect domain to other domain via page rules WITH UTM parameters

Hi Community!

Hope you are great.

I have created a rule to redirect to

Would it be possible to redirect UTM parameters too?


And if how to create a rule for this?

Thanks very much!

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A standard page rule should do the trick.

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Hi Sandro!

Thanks! I have tried this and it`s not working for UTM parameters.

I would like to have the same parameters on redirected website too to use it as on first website.

These are just regular query string values and should be covered by the page rule. Can you post a screenshot of your rule?

Another issue, assuming your domain is and your IP address ends in 206, it would seem as if you had a security issue right now.

Hi Sandro!

Thanks for that. I will use full strict in the future.

Redirect is working now. Thnaks for that too.

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